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Are you are interested in developing your remote culture and facilitation skills?Well, hi hello, my name is Alix 👋.In a short email every Tuesday, I share insights and approaches so you can make sense of what isn't working & make changes that matter.All you have to do is sign up below 👇

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Remote work is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be a weakness.Each week I'll share a thorny question that remote culture presents, and ideas to address it.You will learn new techniques and perspectives to help turn the sea of sameness into real collaboration.

Bad news & good news

Remote is here to stay. And there is no magic solution to building a remote culture you love.It takes you and your colleagues showing up as better facilitators.Every day.But! You're in luck. This is a skill you can learn, and I'm here to help.

Who am I?

👋 My name is Alix Dunn. I am a facilitator that works with teams to turn talking into traction.I have facilitated offsites and events on some of the thorniest topics for some of the most dynamic organisations around the world.I founded and directed a distributed, global organization for nearly a decade. We worked together to build a powerful remote culture to unlock the talent and trust of an exceptional team from different backgrounds and skillsets.

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Check out my trainings.Imagine if meetings felt like leaps forward rather than more of the same.Imagine if your calendar reflected the work you really wanted to accomplish.Remote facilitation training can help get you there.

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